Social Media Marketing

Most business owners and their staff do not have the knowledge or the time to manage all of their social media channels.

We assign to your account, a content manager who is knowledgeable about your company products and services.

Social Media Marketing Process

The content manager studies your competition and delivers targeted content to reach your marketing goals.

Strategy and Discovery

Here we gather information about your social media presence, website, brand image, competitors' strategy and your audience segments. Then, with our research results and your vision and goals, we create a roadmap for community engagement and growth.

Content Strategy

We engage and interact with potential buyers and we grow your online presence by posting content designed to answer followers’ needs.

Audience Research

We use online tools to identify keywords and interests.

Competitive Analysis

We analyze the competition, their networks, keywords searches and client reviews.

Social Audit

Our team checks data and social media performance on most popular platforms and social media channels

Social Media Strategy

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy that follows business objectives and delivers content that can be shared across social media platforms.

Profile Strategy

We develop a plan to optimize client’s profile and his brand image across all platforms.

Engagement Strategy

We create posts and develop marketing campaigns that are designed to initiate engagement and to increase re-share, re-tweet and likes.

Content Strategy

We create a content calendar for each social media platform and schedule posts to be broadcasted at an optimal time.

Monthly Performance Report

We create social media reports using proprietary software to generate campaign metrics and to draw a plan for the next campaign.

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Social Content Solutions is a social media management company. We help business big or small with social media. We create and manage top-performing marketing campaigns for businesses in the travel, hospitality and service industry. Our company manages our clients’ social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We develop relevant social media marketing strategies to help businesses increase sales.


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